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Are you facing the threat of repossession or eviction? If you are in arrears on your mortgage or any other loan secured on your property then you are one of many hundreds of people in this predicament. Although mortgage lenders have a duty to take all reasonable steps to avoid repossession, many borrowers end up losing their property.

But all is not lost, because we can STOP your REPOSSESSION regardless of what stage in the EVICTION process you are in. We are the experts at stopping repossessions and negotiating with your lender, don’t panic or waste time. We have the knowledge and experience to help your avoid repossession.

We can also help if you are facing repossession due to bankruptcy, we will help your manage the terms of your bankruptcy by working with the insolvency practitioner to get you a better deal and saving you from eviction.

We always advise that you talk to your lender about your financial difficulties as they may offer you a repayment plan which meets all parties needs, they may also agree to lower your monthly payments for a short period. They can do this by extending the term of the mortgage and adding the additional interest later.


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We can help you take control and let us stop your repossession

If you have had an agreement put in place and have been unable to keep up with your payments, then we will need to make an application to the courts on your behalf using a N244 Form and instruct one of our solicitors to attend court to stop the eviction process. It’s paramount that the form is completed correctly and that we put forward a strong arguable defence to the judge.

Remember, lenders are not interested in repossessing your property except as an absolute last resort to recover their money, any solution which avoids this could be acceptable to your lender and the courts.

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We can help you sell your home quickly for the best price as a solution option.

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We are experts in completing the N244 form to ensure success in stopping a repossession.

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