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Even if you are scheduled to face a ‘Repossession Court Hearing’ or ‘Possession Hearing’ we can still provide a range of solutions that will stop the your property from being repossessed at this stage.

The court process can feel like a daunting situation to be in, often our clients fear unnecessarily overwhelmed by paperwork, legal talk that doesn’t make clear sense, and uncertainty over daily family life. We understand what you are going through at this tough time. We are here with a sympathetic ear and can provide guidance for solutions.

Over the years we have helped many clients by simply;

1. Assessing all options available to them
2. Understanding what needs to be resolved financially and by what date times
3. Having a clear agreement with third parties about timescales to amicably resolve debts

If you have a court date, please do attend the date hearing or you may lose decision your absence if you do not appear.

We can help you gain a SUSPENDED POSSESSION ORDER at you court hearing – dependant on your individual circumstances.


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We can help you take control and let us stop your repossession

If you have had an agreement put in place and have been unable to keep up with your payments, then we will need to make an application to the courts on your behalf using a N244 Form and instruct one of our solicitors to attend court to stop the eviction process. It’s paramount that the form is completed correctly and that we put forward a strong arguable defence to the judge.

Remember, lenders are not interested in repossessing your property except as an absolute last resort to recover their money, any solution which avoids this could be acceptable to your lender and the courts.

Save Your Equity

We can help you sell your home quickly for the best price as a solution option.

N244 Experts

We are experts in completing the N244 form to ensure success in stopping a repossession.

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Our experts can help with your repossession and provide an instant solution.